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The Eighty Eight Podcast - An Introduction #00

This is just a brief introduction to a new podcast series coming to Youtube and Podcast networks. The first series covers the history of Acid House and founding of the dance music industry in the late eighties.


Series One

Acid House is the biggest subcultural movement since Punk Rock, touching every village, town and city in the United Kingdom. The series celebrates thirty years since the new genre came crashing onto the UK’s music scene. Well known influencers and unknown hidden faces share detailed accounts of their experiences and mindset during this period.

The podcast host Wayne Anthony is widely known for staging large scale warehouse parties in the UK circa 1988-1990. During a period historically documented as Acid House. Under the banner of Genesis’88, Wayne alongside two of his best friends (Andrew & Keith) organised a series of events in warehouses around London and within the M25 Motorway circling Greater London. Genesis’88 was the only organisation that collaborated with leaders in the field such as Sunrise, Energy & Biology. The story was later told in Cult Status paperback book published by Virgin titled Class of 88 in 1998. The book was recently reissued by Virgin and available in shops today. Wayne and Genesis’88 has since been named in dozens of books on the topic of Acid House and Rave Culture.

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