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The Eighty Eight Podcast – #19 – NFTs Archiving History


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Wayne Anthony discusses the option of digitally archiving EDM history including The Second Summer of Love in 1988. Wayne is internationally recognised for staging some of the biggest illegal Acid House (Rave) parties in history. It was the effort of his organisation Genesis’88 and a handful of other large scale party promoters that pioneered a series of events never experienced in the UK. Genesis’88 flyers are highly sought and sell for hundreds of pounds. 

Wayne shares some thoughts and opinions on how promoters, artists and musicians can reclaim ownership over their creative output. Wayne was the first person to mint an Acid House NFT in the form of a Genesis’88 Chapter 1 flyer. A fitting beginning for archiving a generational shift unlike any other in history. Wayne has already created Acid House artwork for minting into NFT and will continue to explore this area.

Host: Wayne Anthony (Genesis’88 / Class of 88 (Author)

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