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The Eighty Eight Podcast | Episode #17 | Patrick Treloar

Creator of Banned Board Game ‘Rave’ 1991

Roger Nell was an emerging DJ, sound & lighting technician during the formative years of Acid House in 1988. As a DJ his initiation was at Clink Street, a seminal Acid House venue owned by Mr C and partners. He quickly seized upon the opportunity to provide sound and lighting rigs at Clink Street. In a word-of-mouth industry, Roger was referred to pivotal figures such as Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold and Anton le Pirate. Roger worked on numerous events including Apocalypse Now, Project Club, Energy, Club Labrynth, Metalheads, AWOL and other thriving promoters.

Host: Wayne Anthony (Genesis’88 / Class of 88 (Author) Guest: Patrick Treloar (Wow Lab)

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In This Episode

* In The Days before Acid House
* Kenneth Tappenden v Wayne Anthony
* Hero Super Cop Kenneth Tappenden
* The Games Conception
* Sensationalised Acid House Press
* Legalising MDMA for Medicinal & Research
* Designing the Rave Game
* Getting It Into Shops
* Testing the Gameplay
* Distributing Games to Retail Outlets
* Employing Consultants – Emptying the Pot
* Reading Gameplay Cards (Vibe, Stash, Dance Cards)
* Designing the Games Graphic
* Virgin Ban Rave Game After Richard Branson Phonecall
* Collecting the Board Game from Retail Outlets
* Developing the New Rave Game



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Rave (board game) – Wikipedia

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