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The Eighty Eight Podcast | Episode #15 | Phatmedia Flyer Collection


Curating The Largest Database of Online Flyers

Dave is the founder of the network PhatMedia which houses the largest collection of online flyers on the planet. Stored in his man cave is a larger collection of flyers. Dave has a personal collection of twenty thousand individual pieces. The PhatMedia network allows visitors to search through the huge database and even add new editions. Dave’s first website was launched in 2001 and stronger than ever today. As the curator of his own collection and the administrator of the network, Dave unintentionally became an historian.

Host: Wayne Anthony (Genesis’88 / Class of 88 (Author) Guest: Dave Phatmedia

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In This Episode

*   The Early Days in Plymouth
*    Selling Flyers on E-Bay
*    Developing the First Phatmedia Website
*    Networking with Other Collectors
*    The Early Days of the Internet
*    What Happened to Links Pages?
*    The Growth of Brick Lane
*    Early Days of YouTube
*    Utilising Social Media
*    Facebook Locking You Out the Network
*    Scanning Thousands of Flyers & Growing the Network
*    Working on Coffee Table Book
*    The Most Valuable & Desirable Flyers
*    Fake & Reprinted Flyers
*    Curating The Biggest Online Old School Flyer Database
*    Creating an Official Body to Authenticate Flyers
*    Big Parties Up North in the Early Nineties
*    Planning for the Future – Growing Network & Publishing Book



Phatmedia –

Weed’s Rave Flyers Original Message Board

Will & Rebecca’s Rave Flyers / Rave Memorabilia group


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