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Media hype pt3 | Wayne anthony

Hm Government vs Acid House 1988 – 1990

The third in a series of podcasts deep diving the printed media’s reporting on Acid House and the people attending events. The sensationalised headlines were mostly written by anonymous journalists, although the named journo’s were just as ferocious. The style of reporting we’ve since witnessed when the state moves to shutdown a national threat. Hundreds of articles were constructed to misinform the general public so laws and governmental powers to curb the assembly of people could be fast-tracked into play.

Host: Wayne Anthony (Genesis’88 / Class of 88 (Author)

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In This Episode

* Where are The Eleven Year Olds?
* My Last Pill NYE 1995 Holborn Pavillon Australia
* Acid House Promoters Wont Get Licenses
* Biology Jarvis is Acid’s Mr Big
* All Pubs, Clubs and Resturants Paid Protection Money
* Protecting Your Money
* Yardie’s Attempt Armed Robbery at Genesis’88
* Why Lie About Charity Connections to Events
* Biology Jarvis Threatens Police with Riots
* Bros Enlist in War on Acid House
* Does Drug Use Diminish The Acid House Experience?
* Technology Unleashes a New Batch of Music Producers
* Cops in Battles with Ravers
* Cop Taken Hostage at Rave!
* Arresting Promoters Then Releasing Them
* Cops Battle with Acid House Yobbo’s
* Closing Down Britain’s Most Famous Clubs
* Goldfish Pills Sold as Ecstasy
* M25 Acid Parties
* Genesis’88 | Biology Free New Years Eve 1989
* Sunrise Gets Stopped | Joins Genesis’88 & Biology
* Wayne Arrives at Warehouse with Thousands of People


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