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Declassified Acid House Files pt1

Government Confidential Files Released Nearly Thirty Years After Acid House

Wayne Anthony deep dives the declassified Acid House files released by the National Archives in 2016. Contrary to popular belief the Tory government headed by Margaret Thatcher appear more concerned with noise pollution than health and safety. Confidential memos even state that ‘drugs are not the main issue’ MP Carolyn Sinclair. This may come as a surprise to most considering all the bad press until this point. The government were also considering making ‘noise’ a criminal offence with heavy penalties for the prosecuted. The declassified files outline various methods of dealing with Acid House ‘organisers’, venue owners and anyone remotely connected to Acid House parties.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Genesis'88 | Class of 88

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In This Episode

* Acid House in the Press
* Government Wants to Make Noise a Criminal Offence
* Biology Jarvis Loves His Champagne
* The Gerald Coke Letter to Prime Minister – August 1989
* Increased Penalties for Promoters & Land Owners
* Flurry of Communications After Gerald Coke Letter
* MP Carolyn Sinclair Memo 1989
* Government More Concerned with Noise Than Drugs
* Police Wish They Were Called ‘Pay Parties’
* Government Surprised by Lack of Alcohol at Events
* First National Police Computer Network 1989
* Ravers Encouraged to Snitch After Being Illegal Stopped
* The Phrase Pay Parties Becomes Common
* Using Common Law Against Party Promoters
* Bring Acid House inline With Pop Concerts
* Controlling Different Genres of Music Through Licencing
* The Licencing Application Process
* Private Members Bill & Criminal Justice Act
* Inspectors with Decibel Meters Patrolling Birthday Parties
* Association of District Councils Document 1989
* Information Concerning Acid House Parties Document 1989


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