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Media hype pt2 | Wayne anthony

Acid House Trashed by All News Outlets 1989 Onwards

In the second part of Wayne Anthony’s analyses news stories published by media outlets between 1989 and 1990. Hundreds of news articles are printed during this period. The sensationalised headlines were targeting parents and voters. The aim is to change the law, further restricting the movement of people. The news stories were instrumental in engineering fear among parents. The articles highlighted key areas they wanted to change but needed the full backing of the general public to make it happen. Wayne Anthony shares his personal commentary on each article featured in the video.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Genesis'88 | Class of 88

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Powered by RedCircle

In This Episode

* Acid House Spreads Like Fire
* Fake Genesis’88 Party – New World Genesis
* Acid Kids Are Duped in £160,000 Party Con
* Mash – Retail Shop on Oxford Street
* Passion Records – Mash
* Send in Paras to Beat Drugs Evil
* Adamski in the News
* The Sunrise Effect
* Acid Riots & Police Clashes
* Service Station Meeting Points
* Getting to the Party – Follow the Right Convoy
* Fury as Acid Party Louts Go on Rampage
* Boxing Champ Arrested in Riot
* Genesis’88 & Biology – Meopham
* Bank Robbers Attracted by News Headlines
* Hiring Venues for Fake Pop Music Videos
* James Mitchell Fronts Sunrise for Fake Pop Video


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