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Media hype pt1 | Wayne anthony

Acid House Trashed by All News Outlets 1988 – 1990

In this podcast Wayne Anthony deep dives some newspaper articles of 1988, highlighting the propaganda surrounding Acid House. Sensationalised media stories produced hundreds of Acid House headlines over a period of two years. Clickbait wasn’t a term back then but newspapers and TV programs were manufacturing clickbait at an alarming rate. Fake news stories were firing up Middle Englanders against youth culture. They were instrumental in bringing the culture into every household in the country. Saatchi & Saatchi couldn’t have designed a better marketing campaign. News reports were mostly negative and pushed certain themes. The end game is changing the law to restrict the movement of people and make ‘noise’ an actual crime with penalties enforced by law.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Genesis'88 | Class of 88

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In This Episode

* It’s Groovy and Cool It’s Our Acid House T-Shirt – The Sun 1988
* Evil of Ecstasy – The Sun 1988
* Acid House Themed Fashion Ranges in Major Retail Stores – 1988
* Roof Falls in on the Acid House Craze – Daily Express – 1988
* Pukka Gear – 1988
* Acid Party Army of Baseball Bat Brutes – The Sun 1988
* Bad Trips End in Hospital – 1988
* Sounds Like a Cult – 1988
* Dodgy Advise from The Sun’s Doctor – 1988
* Planting Bad Seeds – 1988
* BBC Radio Helplines – 1988
* Panic Attacks induced by MDMA
* Journalists Suggest Sexual Assaults at Parties – 1988
* Mass Acid House Orgies – 1988
* Marathon Dance Sessions Drain the Body – 1988
* Boy George & Mark Moore Bad Experience – 1988


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