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The British Keyboard Wizard of Acid House | Adamski

Adam was destined for a life in the arts. Influenced by the likes of Malcolm Maclaren and the DIY culture of punk. Adam was making music with his brother on cheap recorders, when others were out playing cowboys and Indians. A firm favourite of John Peel, Adam set his sights on a career in the music industry. Influenced by Acid House, Adamski was born in 1989. Everyone booked him to play at their events, the journey took him around the country. The album Live and Direct featured a series of instrumentals produced at home in his bedsit. Singles such as NRG charted and Adamski appeared on Top of the Pops. This wouldn’t be his last appearance on Britain’s top music show. Adamski teamed up with Seal for the Number One track Killer. Adamski was the British poster-boy of Acid House who continues to produce music to this very day. Currently working with Boy George and a host of talented recording artistes.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Genesis'88 | Class of 88
Guest: Adamski (Live from Austria)

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In This Episode

* Adamski Becomes Acid House Poster Boy
* Plugging Keyboards Straight into Mixing Desk at Events
* Playing One and Half Hour Sets
* Media Reports Adamski Playing at Disneyland for £150,000
* Record Company Spin Gets Adamski in Bother with Pet Shop Boys
* Going to Andrews (Genesis’88 partner) Parents Off License
* The Great Rock n Roll Swindle
* The Music Show The Tube on Channel 4
* Wayne Meets The Cure on Route to The Tube
* Amnesia Opening Party in Ibiza 1988 | DJ Alfredo
* Major Influences are Malcolm Mclaren and DJ Alfredo
* Living in Ibiza with DJ Alfredo and Hanging with Jimi Polo
* Performing at Amnesia Opening / Closing Parties 1989
* Sending Demo to Fast Product Records
* Getting slammed by Derrick May
* Performing live at Sin, Hacienda, Heavens, World Dance, Sunrise, Amnesia
* Living with Seal and collaborating on Number One Track Killer
* Performing at Confusion on Sundays
* Boy George Offers to Write Songs for Every Track on Album
* Mick Jones from the Clash was my Roadie
* Killer was the Soundtrack Playing When the Berlin Wall Came Down 1989
* Appearing on Top of the Pops
* The Lucozade Bottle Record Cover
* Energy at Westway Film Studio 1989
* Hip Hop Years
* Working with Fire Fly
* Producing New Versions of Killer with Boy George & Adrian Sherwood
* The Man That Introduced the Smiley Face as the Symbol of a Generation
* Mutoid Waste Ground Warehouse Parties 1980s
* Playing at Extinction Rebellion in Oxford Circus
* Adamski is Still Producing New Material



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