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gordon mason | They call it acid

Film Maker Gordon Mason’s Feature Length Documentary

‘They Call it Acid’ has been the most anticipated unseen film yet produced on the early days of House Music and the scene that evolved from Chicago and Detroit in the mid-eighties. Features a host of well known faces from the UK and USA. Gordon discusses why the film hasn’t been released and future plans for the feature length documentary.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Genesis'88 | Class of 88
Guest: Gordon Mason | Film Producer

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In This Episode

* Producing the Film They Call It Acid
* Hanging with Evil Eddie Richards
* Filming the First Energy Party at Westway Studios 1989
* No Photography at Any Events
* How the Film Idea Came About
* Recorded Over 100 Interviews
* Still Recording Interviews 2020
* Wayne Anthony v Kenneth Tappenden (Police Pay Party Unit)
* Streaming Platforms
* Class of 88 Book Deal with Virgin (Ian Gittins) | Wayne
* Funding They Call it Acid
* Government Declassified Acid House Documents
* Genesis’88 Leaside RD | Wayne


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