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LABRYNTH | JOE Wieczorek

Wayne Anthony & Labrynth Joe Discuss Acid House & Beyond

Joe staged over 1,000 events Labrynth over a thirty year period. Established during the heyday of Acid House in the late nineteen eighties. Labrynth staged a series of illegal warehouse parties around London. Well known faces on the scene, Joe and partner Sue evolved with the new emerging scene of Happy Hardcore, Jungle & Drum n Bass. They started a residency at world famous black club 4 Aces which continued for 8 years. They platformed numerous DJs and British bands such as The Prodigy, a newly formed act that performed for less than £100. Wayne and Joe discuss a number of topics ranging from fighting skinheads, singing Feed the World on stage at Live Aid, promoting Labrynth, dodgy security teams, illegal warehouse parties and more…

Host: Wayne Anthony | Genesis'88 | Class of 88
Guest: Joe Wieczorek | Labrynth Co-Founder

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In This Episode

* Skinhead & Punk Days 1970s
* Football Hooligan Period
* Doing Security for Pink Floyd & Roxy Music
* Boy George Smiley T-Shirt Birthday Invites
* First Acid House Party with Peanuts
* First Cali No Looking Back
* Finding Acid House Parties in East London 1988
* Starting Labrynth with Partner Sue 1988
* The George Harrison Flyers
* Creating Fake Documents – Fire Certificate, Property Lease
* Ferry Lane Warehouse in North London 1989
* Dodging East London Gangsters
* Fantastic Ibiza Collaborations
* Gangsters & Genesis’88 | Wayne Anthony
* Genesis’88 & Biology on Same Night 1989
* The Famous 4 Aces Club in Dalston
* The Prodigy Perform at Labyrinth for £80 | Other Appearances
* Staging 1,000 Labrynth Events
* Covid Raving – The Future
* Future of Labrynth | Chomping at the Bit


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