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The Eighty Eight Podcast – Episode #05 – Raindance
Raindance Richard & Artist Pez Remember Acid House

The term legal has many definitions but history denotes Raindance as the first British dance party promoters granted an all night music and dance licence in 1990. RAINDANCE RICHARD has been at the helm of one of the longest running outfits in the UK. Richard started with Acid House but today stages multi-arena events playing Hardcore, Jungle, Drum n Bass and Garage music. PEZ was throwing up graffiti when Acid House arrived in the UK. He partied hard at all the big named clubs and events. Spotting an opportunity he seized on the idea of designing flyers for party promoters. Raindance became his number one client, designing countless flyers and visuals for their events.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Genesis'88 | Class of 88
Guest: Richard Raindance (Jungle Fever)
Guest: Pez (Artist)

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Powered by RedCircle

In This Episode

* The Days Before Acid House
* Finding Acid House Parties with Alan
* Joining The Special K Sound & Lighting Company
* Breaking into Back Up Warehouses
* Supplying Equipment For All The Large Free Parties
* Playing Cat n Mouse with Police
* Joining Raindance After Their First Party
* Creating Raindance Flyers & Visuals
* Staging The First Legal Rave in the UK 1989
* Politicians and Acid House
* Declassified Acid House Documents
* Raindance are Longest Running Party Promoters in London
* Acid House Conspiracy – Mark Devlin Lecture
* Freedom to Party Politics
* Genesis’88 & Biology News Years Eve (Sunrise Join Later)
* Driving Home From Sunrise Buying Newspapers
* Surprising Army Convoys with Large Convoys of Cars
* Raindance Evolve with The Shift in Music
* Printing Huge Flyers
* Richard Co-Founds Jungle Fever
* The Third Summer of Love
* The Covid Era
* The Future of Raving


Raindance Resources

Pez – London

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