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rave at the cave | DJ Ellis Dee & DJ Chalk e white

The Eighty Eight Podcast | Episode #04 | Rave at he Cave

Famous Venue in Elephant Castle 1988

Early Acid House initiates may remember the Rave at the Cave. A mechanics railway archway in Elephant Castle, South London. A venue which hosted a series of iconic events at the height of the Second Summer of Love 1988. Attracting up-for-it party enthusiasts from all corners of the city. Two of the original promoters DJ EllisDee & Steve Whyte (DJ Chalk E White) share their untold stories. This small underground venue is widely ignored by history. Podcast host Wayne Anthony attended most of the events staged there. Rave at the Cave was brought to dramatic closure when raided by a police squad that rolled up on a train. Accompanying the raiding party was investigative TV news program World in Action. On that very night across London in Aldgate East, Wayne Anthony and partner Andrew were holding their first Genesis’88 event.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Class of 88
Guests: DJ Ellis Dee & DJ Chalk E White

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In This Episode

* The Trendy Shoom 1988
* Finding Acid House Crowd at Clink Street 1988
* Warehouse Parties 1988
* Transforming a Mechanics Archway into Acid House Sanctuary
* Rave at the Cave on Friday’s / Saturday’s
* Chalk E White Residency
* Taking Crowds on a Musical Journey
* The Term Rave
* The Boys at Shock
* House Music and the Gay Scene
* Richard Brandon’s Heaven
* The Toughness of the Music Industry
* Rave at the Cave Gets Raided 1988
* Word in Action Investigative News Program Films Raid
* Sound, Lighting Kit and DJ’s Records Stolen after Raid
* Residency at The Dungeons
* RIP & Hypnosis at The Dungeons
* Staging Other Parties
* The Third Summer of Love in UK 2020!
* The Covid Era of Raving
* Preparing for Future Events


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