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The Eighty Eight Podcast | Episode #03 | Energy
Energy Staged Some of the Biggest Events in Acid House History

Wayne Anthony, Jeremy Taylor & TinTin reminisce the late nineteen eighties. Energy staged some of the biggest Acid House events in history. The partners focused on high end production in sound, lighting and custom built props. They organised some of the most memorable events of the period. Staged in venues such as Theatres, Country Fields, Aircraft Hangers and Film Studios. They had long running club nights in London. The promoters share great insight and behind the scene stories. Energy grew so big they hired an SAS team to protect them from gangsters attempting to extort money from them.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Class of 88
Guests: Jeremy Taylor & TinTin

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In This Episode

* Jeremy Gets Ripped Off By Gatecrasher Ball Partner
* TinTin Inspired by Westworld Parties
* Hypnosis – Their First Parties
* Magical Mystery Tour 1988
* In Search of Space Patrick 1988
* World in Action News Documentaries 1988
* Crashing Warehouses in Hackney 1988
* Kicking Off Warehouse Doors with Genesis’88
* Party at Hippodrome London
* Energy First Party at Westway Studios 1989
* East End Gangsters Try to Extort Partners 1989
* Hiring the Actual SAS for Protection
* Kilroy Morning Chat Show 1989
* Long Running Club Nights
* Huge Parties in Aircraft Hangers 1989
* The Partners Get Arrested
* Jeremy Does Community Service
* Parties at Brixton Academy


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