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Tyree cooper | chicago

Globally known as the ‘Awesome Supa Dupa Troopa’ Tyree Cooper is one of Chicago’s pioneering House music producers. Releasing hit after hit, pushing House Music to its fullest potential. Champion of Hip House and Acid House, Tyree has played sets in countless countries around the world. He discusses the early DiY methods of producing music on zero budgets in Chicago. Sharing the dark and light sides of the music industry during the 1980s. Dwelling more on the formation of a brand new genre of music. Made by young black locals on a mission to be heard in the biggest clubs in the city. Unbeknown to this small group of producers, their music was at the forefront of European counter culture in 1988.

Host: Wayne Anthony | Class of 88 | London
Guest: Tyree Cooper | House Pioneer | Las Vegas

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In This Episode

* College Basketball Sponsorship
* Giving Up Basketball for House Music
* The Chicago House Scene 1985
* True History of House Not Disco
* Disco Sucks Campaign Kills Disco
* Setting Up Club My House at Sheba Disco in Chicago
* Producing Chicago House Music
* Loaning Marshall Jefferson’s Recording Kit
* Signing with DJ International Records
* Producing Acid Over | Unaware of UK Success
* Producing Turn up the Bass | Unaware of UK Success
* Fast Eddie Creates Hip House | Tyree Produces Hip House
* Touring Europe 1988
* Performing in London, Manchester 1988
* Suing DJ International Records for Recording Masters & Winning
* Meeting Prince Thinking Its An Imposter
* Living in Germany
* The Future


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