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Exploring the evolution of music, social culture and technology in the United Kingdom. The Eighty Eight Podcast will share the many stories of people involved in the evolution and production of Music, Fashion, Art, Technology and Life.

Deep Diving

The first deep dive into the social evolution of music and culture is focused on the Second Summer of Love circa 1988. Veterans call it Acid House, a term first coined by Chicago producer DJ Pierre. In Europe Acid House defined a generation of people actively engaged in a movement driven by music, warehouse parties and counter culture. A small network of secret parties spurned into some of the biggest illegal gatherings of the 1980’s.

Wayne Anthony is widely known for staging large scale warehouse parties in the UK circa 1988-1990. Under the banner of Genesis’88, Wayne alongside two of his best friends (Andrew & Keith) organised a series of historic events in warehouses around London and within the M25 Motorway circling Greater London. Genesis’88 was the only organisation that collaborated with leaders in the field such as Sunrise, Energy & Biology. The story was later told in Cult Status paperback book published by Virgin titled Class of 88 in 1998. The book was recently reissued by Virgin and available in shops today. Wayne and Genesis’88 has since been named in dozens of books on the topic of Acid House and Rave Culture.


Quick Intro

This is just a brief introduction to a new podcast series coming to Youtube and Podcast networks. The first season covers the history of Acid House and founding of the dance music industry in the late eighties.

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Tyree Cooper #1

Globally known as the ‘Awesome Supa Dupa Troopa’ Tyree Cooper is one of Chicago’s pioneering House Music producers. Releasing hit after hit, pushing House Music to lt’s fullest potential. Champion of Hip House and Acid House, Tyree has played sets in countless countries around the world. He discusses the early DiY methods of producing music on zero budgets in Chicago. Sharing the dark and light sides of the music industry during the 1980s. Dwelling more on the formation of a brand new genre of music. Made by young black locals on a mission to be heard in the biggest clubs in the city. Unbeknown to this small group of producers, their music was at the forefront of European counter culture in 1988.

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Ian Milne #2

Ian Milne was considered a Fixer in the Acid House days. He acquired venues for some of the biggest Acid House party promoters of the period. Properties he sourced by flying around the M25 in a single engine aircraft. Ian is well known for publishing the first fully dedicated lifestyle magazine with dance music and culture as the central theme. Ian has kept himself away from public glare so it’s a rare treat to hear his story.

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Energy #3

Wayne Anthony, Jeremy Taylor & TinTin reminisce the late nineteen eighties. Energy staged some of the biggest Acid House events in history. The partners focused on high end production in sound, lighting and custom built props. They organised some of the most memorable events of the period. Staged in venues such as Theatres, Country Fields, Aircraft Hangers and Film Studios. The promoters share great insight and behind the scene stories. Energy grew so big they hired an SAS team to protect them from gangsters attempting to extort money from them.

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Rave at the Cave #4

Legendary venue in Elephant Castle 1988



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